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Governor General of Canada: Annual Report 2017–2018

OTTAWA—The Office of the Secretary to the Governor General is pleased to release its annual report for 2017–2018.

The annual report for 2017–2018 spans the period from April 1, 2017, to March 31, 2018. It covers a remarkable transition year and highlights the important work accomplished to represent, serve, honour and showcase Canadians. In the time since the end of that period, the Office has continued to support the Governor General in communicating with Canadians, honouring excellence, and highlighting the importance of science and critical thinking.

“Throughout the year I have been welcomed with open arms and been part of heartfelt conversations with Canadians across the country and abroad,” said Her Excellency Julie Payette. “They shared with me stories and experiences that show, more than ever, how the diversity and richness of our country reside in our people.”

Above and beyond the accomplishments presented in this report, there have been a number of highlights that carried us to the end of 2018:

  • We connect with Canadians more efficiently through greater use of technology. We created a new website, which includes an online way to nominate remarkable Canadians; and with a view to exposing students to our constitutional monarchy, we have launched a new initiative, called eGG, that digitally connects the Governor General with classrooms.
  • We criss-crossed the country, represented Canada and visited Canadians working abroad to showcase what we do great in this country. We have been to every province and territory, sometimes multiple times, and we look forward to returning to those communities and to going places governors general have not been before.
  • We made a point to travel far and wide to meet and honour men and women in uniform, understanding the sacrifice and commitment that comes with serving our country.
  • We engaged Canadians of all generations on topics that fuel the imagination and that position our country for the future: exploration and discovery, artificial intelligence, and the synergy between the arts and science. As Her Excellency often quotes “if we go alone, we might go faster, but when we go together, we go further.”

Per Aspera Ad Astra – Dare to Dream

The annual report is available at


Media information:

Natalie Babin Dufresne
Director of Communications and Public Affairs
Office of the Secretary to the Governor General
343-548-1865 (cell)


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