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Feathers of Hope

Statement Release – Feathers of Hope Becomes Non-Profit


As indigenous young people, we are not going to allow our voices to be lost due to the closing of the Ontario Child Advocate. The driving force of Feathers of Hope has always been for young people to lead the conversations that need to happen, for it to grow into a powerful mobilizer of First Nations, Metis and Inuit young people here in Ontario and across Canada. The original vision, and our continued vision is to create a platform for young people to be able to speak their truth and create positive change in all our communities. That has always been the core idea behind our vision of Hope and our commitment that Together we are…. igniting hope within First Nations, Metis and Inuit young people across this country.

Because of and through Feathers of Hope, we have met thousands of phenomenal young people and we have had the opportunity to work with incredible leaders and change makers. Together we have accomplished so much with the support of the youth, champions, organizations and communities across Ontario and this country. We are immensely grateful for having been witness to what happens when young people have spaces of safety to speak about the issues of importance in their lives and their communities.  Through these spaces we and they have gained strength, grown and together our voices have become strong and powerful.

In the spirit of this work, Feathers of Hope isn’t going anywhere. We are a team, a family and a community and together we will continue keep alive the vision of safer, healthy communities for all First Nations, Metis and Inuit here in Ontario and beyond.

In January 2019, we became federally incorporated as a non-profit organization. We are working to ensure that we will:

  • Continue to be a youth-led, champion supported and culturally-anchored body, focused on youth participation and youth voice
  • Amplify the voices of First Nations, Metis and Inuit youth and carry on their work
  • A source of hope for First Nations, Metis and Inuit youth. That together, we can be part of a healing journey that is anchored in community building

We would like to honour the commitment and support of the staff of the Ontario Child Advocate. Feathers of Hope was born from the work of the team.  They believed in us, supported us and mentored us. Most importantly they instilled in us the ability to believe in ourselves, and each other, as young people. Without the support and guidance of the team, Feathers of Hope would not have been possible. We thank you for your years of service as advocates for the children and youth of Ontario.

Feathers of Hope is now at a vital part of its journey, as it is now in our hands, the hands of young people. Our mandate continues to remember hope will always be more powerful than any one person, and more importantly hope will always be the fire we fuel and nurture in each other. Together we are, and will continue to be, Feathers of Hope. We hope you are listening, because there is still much left to be said and done.

For professional inquiries, please direct them to our e-mail below. For any other inquiries or comments, please reach out via social media.



Feathers of Hope Team


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Samantha Crowe has been with the Ontario Child Advocate since 2012. Her role in the first five years at the office was a Youth Amplifier on the Feathers of Hope project. In 2017, Samantha became a Community Development Advisor. She is a proud Anishinaabe Kwe from Lake Helen First Nation, but resides in Thunder Bay, Ontario. Samantha has recently graduated from Lakehead University with an Honours Bachelor of Social Work Degree, with a Concentration of Indigenous Learning. When Samantha is not busy with school or work, she loves to be on the land, play hockey or baseball, spend time with friends and family, travel, and be creative in whatever way she can. She is passionate about young people in her work and everyday life because she believes that everyone should have equal opportunity to play, learn, and grow into the person they want to be.

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