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The Need for Water –

I would hazard a guess that, next to access to clean air, the need for water is the most important need people around the world have. It is of the most basic of all human needs – even above food. The average person, depending on their geographic, economic and other circumstances, requires between 20 to 50 litres of safe water each day for drinking, cooking, sanitation and just keeping themselves clean.

You would think that human access to water would be incredibly simple when you consider that 71 percent of Earth’s surface is covered in water. When you think about it, with only about one quarter of the world remaining as land, it’s amazing we have enough surface land to support a world population of 7.7 billion people. But even if we take the focus off of the global scale and look solely at the Province of Ontario, we have more than 250 000 lakes which, when combined, accounts for a full 20 percent of the entire world’s supply of fresh water. That’s amazing!

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