What is Feathers of Hope

Feathers of Hope is:

A youth-driven non-profit organization
A community-based strategy to lead change
An advocacy framework based in culturally anchored community development
A movement linking First Nations young people across northern Ontario
A forum rooted in listening to young people
An action plan tied to partnership and collaboration between youth, government and leadership

Our Vision:

Feathers of Hope is a youth-driven movement dedicated to the empowerment of First Nations youth.

Our Mission:

Feathers of Hope is committed to providing culturally safe spaces for youth to amplify their voices and to affect the change they desire. Feathers of Hope will ensure the empowerment of First Nations youth, so they can continue to be their own leaders.
Feathers of Hope will respect protocol in all that we do. Feathers of Hope will follow the principles of the seven grandfather teachings – Humility, Bravery, Honesty, Wisdom, Truth, Love, and Respect – and model these values to the young people. Our team works towards the revitalization and retention of culture, identity, and belonging among First Nations youth. We will strive to keep the movement youth-driven so it may stay true to what young people want.



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