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Feathers Of Hope Forums

The Feathers of Hope forums are a result of the hard work of five Youth Amplifiers hired by the Ontario Child Advocate and a partnership among our Office, federal and provincial governments, and First Nations leadership. The aim of the forums is to facilitate a dialogue between youth, First Nations leadership, government and select support organizations serving their home communities.

Past & Present

The Feathers of Hope youth forums are anchored in hope, positivity, and seeking constructive ways forward. To support the youth on this journey, our team works to build a supportive and inclusive community before, during and after the forums. During the forums, wellness support is available to all participants, including Elders, wellness workers, champions and Skhaabes.

In past forums, First Nations youth spoke honestly, openly and powerfully about the urgent need for change, and have shown their willingness to work alongside families, communities, leadership, allies and government to improve the conditions of their lives.